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The Bosque County Jail and Sheriff's Office has been re-located to our new location located at 266 FM 2840 in Meridian, TX.  The State of Texas, as defined by law, states the Sheriff of the county is required to house those accused of a crime and maintain a correctional facility.  The Jail can house at maximum capacity 35 inmates both male and female. When the Jail is at max capacity, certain inmates are transferred to other county facilities to be housed on a contract which the Bosque County Sheriff's Office pays.  Within the Jail, certain inmates can become a "trustee", which means they can be given certain tasks that can help lessen the sentence the inmate is spending in the Jail.  Some "trustees" cook food in the kitchen for other inmates, do housekeeping duties like sweeping and mopping floors, and other light duty tasks. 
There is also a "workcrew" which comprises of 4-8 "trustees" that go outside the Jail (supervised by a Peace Officer) and work outside and perform tasks out in the county such as mowing bar ditches, trimming trees near roadways, pick up trash near roadways, help road workers patch potholes, etc.  
When someone is brought into the Jail for a criminal charge, they are booked into the Jail facility and are housed in a temporary holding cell.  Within 24 hours of being arrested, that person is magistrated by a Judge, which means they are told what they are being charged with and given an opportunity to bond out of jail, based on the bond given by the Judge who magistrated them.  The bond depends on how severe the crime is being charged to the person.  If a person cannot make bond, then they are held in the Jail until they can bond out, or have gone to court for their charges.   
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