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Our dispatch call center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve the citizens, law enforcement and emergency services personnel in Bosque County.  The Bosque County Sheriff's Office dispatch is responsible for ALL of Bosque County emergency personnel departments including:


  • Bosque County Sheriff's Office

  • Meridian Police Department

  • Clifton Police Department

  • Valley Mills Police Department

  • Texas Department of Public Safety

  • All Bosque County Volunteer Fire Departments

  • North Bosque EMS


The Bosque County Sheriff's Office dispatch is the only 911 call center in the county.  The duties of a dispatcher are to answer non-emergency and emergency (911) calls, operate a radio console, maintain a report writing and call for service system through computer software, run driver license information through TLETS/NLETS, enter arrest warrants into NCIC/TCIC, and confirm warrants entered by other agencies in the State of Texas and throughout the United States.  Dispatchers are the lifeline of communication and sometimes encounter very stressful situations which require stress control and sharp multi-tasking skills. 

Dispatch Supervisor:
     Hollie Witten

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